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Restoring Kindness Wrap Up

In the fall of 2016 Dayspring Restoration launched a campaign focused on simple acts of kindness across the state of Montana. The initiative was called Restoring Kindness 406 and the goal was to give people a chance to focus on something positive amidst the negative political environment that had bombarded us both local and nationally. Dayspring tasked its employees (approximately all 100 of them) across the state with being the catalyst for this movement. We thought that we could use our team to get the word out about this, by seeking out and performing simple acts of kindness. “If every one of our employees just did one act of kindness then shared the experiences on social media as a way to encourage others to do the same, we thought we could really get the word out about this.” Said Lisa Dickson, Project manager for Daysprings Missoula office.  During the three months Dayspring focused on this initiative, they were able to complete 161 acts of kindness as a company… and who knows how many beyond.

Since the late 80’s Dayspring Restoration has always seen the task of cleaning up people’s disasters across Montana as more than just a job. It’s a chance to restore a life, to remove stress, and get people back to normal life after a disaster. It’s a daily opportunity to be kind and to serve others. So, as their team began brainstorming for more ways to care for and serve the community in which they work, the concept of #RestoringKindness406 began to take shape. The idea for Restoring Kindness 406 came from an affiliate of Dayspring Restoration in the Midwest. “We loved the idea and thought, amidst the negative political cycle and negative news we are constantly bombarded by, it could be a really powerful opportunity to spread some kindness here in Montana,” stated Kris Schallock, General Manager of Dayspring Restoration of Missoula.  “This was a movement that challenges our communities to focus on something good for a change.”

Although the campaign has come to an end the Restoring Kindness 406 initiative will live on. Dayspring has created a Facebook page called Restoring Kindness 406 which will be kept active for the foreseeable future. Currently the Facebook page has over 125 followers and is growing weekly.